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Want to be where up to 80% of Internet users look to purchase products and services on-line? Be in the spotlight of a major search engine web site. Imagine having potential customers find your site with relevant keyword searches and best of all, you only pay what you want for each unique visitor that comes to your site. It's as easy as that!

In 5 minutes, you can start driving targeted traffic to your site. There's no better time to apply than right now!
Predetermined Budget: Once your account is active, clicks are generated based on specific keywords and phrases you choose, never spending more than your deposit.
Detailed Reports: Clearly displayed reports show exactly how much traffic each search term is generating, leaving no questions about how your advertising campaign is working.
Complete Control: Stop your account, add keywords or change bids at any time, you're always in control of your advertising campaign.
The higher your bid the higher your placement within the search results returned, its that simple. Better than the competitor, potential customers not only identify you for the business you're in, but can actually get more information or purchase products and services at time of interest.

Signing up as an Advertiser is as easy as:

  1. Completing our simple on-line form, providing basic information about your Web site and desired keywords and phrases. Once we receive your request, a member of our review team will check your keywords and phrases for site relevancy and process your account within 24 - 48 hours;
  2. Making as small as a $5 dollar deposit into your account. As visitors click-through to your Web site from us or an Affiliate site the amount you bid is subtracted from your deposit;
  3. Watch Your Online Presence Grow!
   Coverage: In addition to the traditional benefits from Web-based advertising, you will achieve national and targeted exposure through our network of Affiliate sites.

   Results: Without worrying about the limitations of programming around keywords and 'meta-tags,' an advertiser is able to use eye-catching titles and descriptions to reach pre-qualified prospects.

   Affordability: Results-based advertising means you only pay for each targeted visitor to your site. Leading technology allows an advertiser to choose what keywords and phrases are more valuable than others.

   Comfort: You determine the value of each unique visitor to your site using the most appropriate search terms to build continuous on-going traffic. The more targeted the search term, the higher the bid you will want to make to ensure high placement.

   Convenience: Using Push Technology, we enable you to put your advertising campaign on "auto pilot," staying informed of site enhancements and campaign performance.

Why are we becoming so popular? Because there are no hidden surprises! Once your account is active, you pay the exact value of your bid per unique visit, protecting you against multiple clicks by the same person. And qualifying your prospects is second to none. With us, your site title and description is clearly displayed to inform potential customers of exactly what it is you do before they click through and cost you money.

Take advantage of lower bid pricing and expose your Web site today. As results-based advertising is becoming very popular, it's getting more and more difficult to obtain a top listing at any price. Get in on the ground floor of a proven source of advertising. Most likely if you're visiting our Web site, results-based advertising is already a successful part of your Internet advertising campaign or someone referred you to our site.

Getting Started

To get started, complete our simple on-line form.

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